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SWOV-Prologue :iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 0 5
Izzi Starspiral- Sims :iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 5 6 Nomi Rockblade- Sims :iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 4 0
Star Wars, Our Version-The End
Chloe: I- I cant  believe that i fell in love with a crazy maniac of a person. I cant believe he did this. *She started to cry lightly.*
Izzi: Its okay. Just know, you did the right thing. If you wouldn't have done that, he would have wreaked havoc all over. Not that he could do much more than he already did.
Chloe: *Sniff* Yea. I guess you're right. Its just, I fell in love with him from the minute I saw him when I was young. And to think he turned into this. Its horrible.
Izzi: I bet. *She quickly grabbed the controls because the ship almost ran into a meteor* CHLOE!
Chloe: Oh! Sorry. I wasn't paying attention. *She rested her hand where her light saber hung, but it wasn't there* My light saber! Its gone! I must have dropped it. Aw! *She did a face palm.* Ugh! Great!
Izzi: Its okay. Let me steer.
Chloe: You decide to be all happy when I just lost my freaking LIGHT SABER!  
Izzi: Trust me!
Izzi: *She smoothly landed the ship in a bunch
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 3 23
Star Wars, Our Version Part 29
Youngling girl: Master Shadethrasher. Whats going on?
Aralina: I don't know.
Girl: But we-
*She was cut off when the doors swung open and Anakin walked in.*
Aralina: (There's something wrong with him.)
*A small youngling boy named Trevor no older than eight or seven stepped out and walked up to Anakin.*
Aralina: Trevor. No.
Trevor: Master Skywalker there are too many of them what are we going to go?
Aralina: (What is this kid talking about?)
*Anakin just smiled darkly and lunged at the boy with his lightsaber.*
Aralina: Anakin! You cant just go around killing people!!                
Anakin: Shut up. No one wants to listen to you.
Aralina: Everyone in this room does but you!
Anakin: *He glared at her.* Shut up. *Just then a bunch of  clones cam in behin Aknakin.*
Kelly: *She backed up behind Aralina.* Master Shadethrasher?
Aralina: Anakin what-
Anakin: *he s
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 4 4
Star Wars, Our Version Part 28
Ahsoka: Come on Ginger we need to get to Anakin and Chloe.
Ginger: Yeah. Lets go I'll go find my Master's ship and we can use-
*Just then a blue bullet came out of nowhere and struck Ginger in the back killing her.*
Ahsoka: Ginger! *She turned around to see Commander Cody with a gun in his hand.*
Ahsoka: *She ran out of the room as quickly as she could, and into her room*
Obi Wan: *He landed the ship and he stepped out onto Mustafar*
Anakin: Well. *He tackled Obi Wan and slit his throat*  
Chloe: *She just stared at Anakin*
Anakin: *He smiled* Your turn. *And with that, he jumped in front of Izzi. He raised his hand and used the force to force choke her*
Chloe: Again!
Izzi: Hand me my light saber *She squeaked*
Chloe: *She used the force to hand her the saber*
Izzi: *Izzi opened the se
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 6 9
Star Wars, Our Version Part 27
*She was running down the hallway trying to find Obi Wan. Untill she slammed into *Izzi.*
Izzi: Woah there speed racer. Slow down or you'll kill someone.
Izzi: Woah slow down. Say it again tand this time slower.
Izzi: Great. Now the new couple is trying to kill eachother. Just what we need!
Ahsoka: I'll go find Master Kenobi. You go get my master.
Izzi: Okay. *She took off.*
                                                        WITH IZZI
Izzi: *She ran into Anakin's room.* Anakin
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 3 6
Star Wars Our Version Logo :iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 4 0
Star Wars, Our Version Part 26
Chloe: IZZI!
Jessa: HAHAHA!
Chloe: GRAAHH!! *She Jumped and tried to stab Jessa but Jessa was too quick and moved, and Chloe tumbled to the ground*
Jessa: *She walked over to Chloe and stood over her* Well. So much for that idea. *She ignited her light saber and held it to Chloe's neck* Hmmhmm.
Ginger: NO! *She jumped on top of Jessa's back*
Jessa: WHAT THE! GINGER! GET OFF! OWW! *Ginger pulled Jessa's hair*
Chloe: *She quickly got up and hooked her light saber to her belt then picked up Izzi* Ginger! Were going!
Ginger: Okay! *She hopped off and ran into Chloe's starship*
Chloe: *She closed the door quickly and flew off*
*They were all still in the starship. Chloe was flying it, Ginger was in the passenger seat, and Izzi was laying on the floor limp*
*Everyone was silent*
Chloe: *Sigh*
Ginger: *Sigh* CHLOE LOOK OUT!
Chloe: *She swerved the ship* UGH!
Ginger: UGH! *She got a little tossed around*
Izzi: uuhhh....
Chloe: Izzi?
Ginger: Your alive?!
Izzi: uuh....
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 3 17
Star Wars, Our Version Part 25
Chloe: Call in the recruits! There was no rule about that!
Kaylor: Who are the recruits?
Izzi: Im on it! *She talked into her com link and then not long after, Aralina and Nomi appeared as ghosts with lazer tag jackets on*
Chloe: Okay, Nomi, you take that side, Aralina you take the other
Nomi: Ok
Izzi: On my mark we all attack on from your assigned position! Ready! Set! GO!!!!!!!
*Everyone went to their spots and attacked, leaving lazer grenades and shooting anyone they could*
*Aralina and Nomi floated high into the air scaring people they saw*
*Izzi and Chloe stayed behind to man the helicopter and get the tank ready*
Chloe: *She was manning the helicopter* They're right where we want them! Quick! Ive got the tank! You go keep them there!
*No responce.*
Chloe: Izzi?
*Just then one of the other teams forts exploded and Izzi came through in the tank.*
Izzi: GRAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!
One of the other team players: *gulps.* AHHHHHH!!!!
Chloe: Oh my god.
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 2 8
Star Wars, Our Version Part 24
Chad: Sir? What are we going to wear to the wedding?
Torance:...............We can spray paint tuxes on ourselves!
Chad: No thats a stupid idea.
*It was 10 o'clock and the wedding was at 3 so everyone was running around frantically. Mostly Anakin and Chloe*
Izzi: *She was in her dress which she hated but was bright blue and she was wearing a pair of long sport shorts under it.* (Ugh. I Hate dresses.) *Once she finished getting ready, she slipped on a pair of gray cons, grabbed a hoodie and ran down to Ginger's room*
Izzi: Ginger?
*The door opened and Ginger was standing there in a sparkly pink dress and heels*
Ginger: Yess?
Izzi: Come on. Were going to get Kaylor and then go take Chloe out for some fun!
Ginger: In our dresses?
IzzI: Yes. Why do you think I came down here with it on?
Ginger: Okay! Be right back. Im gonna get a jacket.
Izzi: Okay. *She slipped on the hoodie over her dress.*
Ginger: *She walked out
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 4 8
Star Wars, Our Version Part 23
*It was 10 o'clock in the morning*
Izzi: *She yawned and go up to get a drink of water* -Gulp gulp-
*Anakin burst through the doors*
Anakin: CHLOE!!!
Chloe: WHAT. *She said angrily*
*Everybody else woke up*
Ahsoka: Hello Master? What are you doing here?
Anakin: Shh! Chloe. Tomorrow is the wedding! Go pick out a dress, start the invites, the cake! We need to get it all done!!!
Chloe: Okay. *She got up* Anakin. The day you proposed to me, what did you ask me to do?
Anakin: I umm...
Chloe: Yes. You asked me to PICK OUT A DRESS (Well he didn't ask me that but whatever) , START THE INVITES, AND THE CAKE! AND THAT YOU WOULD FIND A PRIEST!!!!!!!!
Anakin: Oh. Yea. Sorry. Forgot. Im just gonna...leave *He left*
Izzi: What was that all about?
Chloe: He is really nervous. I am excited!
Ginger: Yay! I got my invites done. Did you get your dress?
Chloe: Mmhmm. The other day.
Kaylor: We shall get the cake done today.
Izzi: Sort of a good thing Anakin burst in
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 2 8
So, as you know, today (May 7th) the contest for drawing the characters ends. =(. Since only 4 of you entered, I have decided to give a prize to everyone. (Sorry if you thought you would be the only one to win) I will make another contest once I become more "Famous" On deviantART so tell everyone to make a deviantART and read my stories and add me to their watch! So, From the winners, I need them to tell me if they want me to make them a gif image of up to 5 pics that i will make look really nice them put into a gif, a face book layout, or having me like "Fix up" a picture so it looks shnazzy. if you want...
A gif: Sent me up to 5 pictures and if so what you want the pictures to look like
A facebook layout: Send me a base picture you want on the layout
Making a pic look cool (Decorating it): Send me the pic you want "decorated"
Next time there will be more entries, a different topic (On star wars) and possibly better prizes (Probably [hopefully]) The winners for this contest were
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 0 5
Kaylor, Nomi, and Ginger :iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 4 3 Izzi, Chloe, and Aralina :iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 4 3
Star Wars, Our Version Part 22
Obi Wan: Oh. Aron, so glad to see you. Long time.
Aron: Yes. Now. Why am I here? What did you need?
Obi Wan: Over there *He pointed to the dead body in the corner*
Aron: Oh. By the way, my name is Aron everyone. I am a detective.
*Multiple hellos and my name is  ____ came form everyone*
Aron: Pleasure to meet you all. Now. *He crouched over the body* Well, the blood is at least two weeks old. So, the body has been here a while.
Izzi: Okaayyy..... so...who is it, and who killed her?
Aron: I can not know for sure. These cuts on her face are too deep to tell. Well. I can see there are blood drips on the floor over here. She must have bled for a long time.
Anakin: Eww.
Aron: Eww is right. She was killed by a knife, not a light saber. I am going to take her d.n.a samples to see if we can figure out who it is. I will take it to the lab and come back with results in about two or three weeks.
Obi Wan: Thank you Aron.
Aron: Your welcome. I will be off  now. I will be back as
:iconawesomepeep0098:awesomepeep0098 2 8


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I'm Not the Marrying Kind
I'm not the marrying kind.

I have stones in my hair instead of flowers,
And a rosebush of thorns is more poignant to me.

I'm not the marrying kind.

My words aren't pretty or wise,
And I can't sing about anything but a broken heart.

I'm not the marrying kind.

I am the sort of damaged you see in an old recorder,
And the kind of old in an instrument that breaks into a billion pieces at a touch.

I'm not the marrying kind.

Neither neat, nor tidy, nor correct in my behavior,
And yes, I did in fact tell you to fuck yourself.

I'm not the marrying kind.

I do not stay silent in arguments,

And I like to lie compulsively, just to see your face change.

I'm not the marrying kind.

I am not the ideal of any lady, nor her likes,

And I do not allow any man to walk all over me.

No. I am not the marrying kind.

But I do like the idea of a little girl with her mo
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lol good times

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Back in the Saddle Again!
Back in Black!
Back to the Future!
Back Pain! Wait...
Well we are as just stated, back! It's been a while guys, how've ya been? We're revising, re-editing, re-writing, remastering, re-awesoming Star Wards Our Version! GO read our first part, the Prologue! Have a link! ---->…

Enjoy Reading! Leave Comments and Fave if you like!


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For the sake of continuity in the Star Wars universe, as well as a good show, I ask you to sign the petition by going to through the link below to help save the Clone Wars. All you need is to be on facebook. If you do not care for the show or are not interested, I respect your opinion and apologize in advance for bothering you. Thank you for you time.

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